Basic Joker Info

The joker is every persons favorite dc villan. If this is not true, this site is NOT FOR YOU!! The joker has done many bad things that people are not crazy about which explains why he is the bad guy and is not a good guy. He is a bad guy because he fell into chemicals that made him crazy. The joker has started a lot of conversations about mental illness, and raised a lot of awareness for those among us who are insane. His political views skew leftist, and some may call him an anarchist or a libritarian.

The joker is a villan, but he can also be considered an antihero, or even morally ambiguous. His good deeds cause the audience to side with him sometimes, and this adds to the depth of the character. Examples of his good deeds include: in the movie The Dark Knight Rises when the joker kills police officers, in the movie The Dark Knight Rises he employs a trans man as his henchman (you can tell hes trans because he has a nametag with his deadname Rachel on it), he also kills robin, who is universally considered to be the most annoying character. The movie Joker (2019) tries to humanize the joker more, but unfortunately the movie was quite bad and very OOC (out of character).

Batman hates the joker very much, but cannot quite bring himself to kill him. This is because Batman is addicted to fighting with the Joker, and has an intense homosexual desire for him. The Joker uses this attraction to his advantage, and often uses skimpy outfits and sensual eye contact to distract Batman in battle. This weakness of Batmans could be overcome if he admitted that he is in fact a gay man, but Alfred raised him very Catholic, and he is very repressed. In a lot of ways The Joker and Batman are narrative foils of each other. Joker is poor and Batman is rich. Joker is chaos and Batman is order. Joker has a Grindr and Batman lifts weights to "get his mind off things".

Fig.1 - Batman takes out his frustration on the Joker
Fig.2 - Batmans repressed desires