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Thoughts On BBC Sherlock

June 29 2023

I love being dumb. There's something very gender affirming about utter stupidity. Oblivion. There's two wolves inside me and one is a pretentious art student and one is a Juggalo and the Juggalo is beating her ass. Every time I put on T gel I like Radiohead less and Limp Bizkit more. I knew I was trans the first time I took a shower with dish soap. One week on T I forgot what an HDMI cable even was.
Not to get into it, but I used to be a BBC Sherlock fan back in middle school. Anyway I was in the part of the fandom that thought he was doing the whole genius thing to impress the bad guy who was gay and also a genius and it was like a big game of chess where they fuck after. It was like Twilight for autistic bitches. Newsflash past me, nobody is going to stage elaborate crimes out of lust for you, and if they do they're probably not going to be hot the way Andrew Scott is. I guess I was just as dumb back then, but in a more cringefest way. I should have just gotten into ICP back then. I should've talked to my doctor about T gel.

Thoughts On Vintage Crochet Patterns

June 28 2023

I never been a sinner, I never sinned! I've got a friend in Jesus.
-Spirit in the Sky

There has not been nearly enough research on the psychedelic effects of crochet on the psyche. Batman knew it, looping and knotting late into the night. There is a fascinating naivete to sixties seventies crochet patterns, at least as far as I can tell, there is something experimental in them. Impractical tops meant to be worn over the clothes, the strangest overalls known to man, they remind me of my own creations, and because I am still learning I find this strange. There were of course still ladies who knew how to crochet the fine lace and the sweaters for their grandchildren, but the young people did not go to them, and instead let themselves succumb to it, the fractals and the rhythm and fell into the spirals.
There is a charm to these garments and blankets and tapestries that is missing from the better homes and gardens lace and macrame issue. Man was going going gone to the moon. It was going to be alright after all wasn't it? My sister is always asking me, when we're watching Star Trek, how did they know? How did they see the computer monitors and the cellular phones and the video calls so clearly? I tell her I don't know, but late at night looking into the fractaline twisting of the yarn I feel that I may have an idea. When my fingers move without me telling them and color becomes vertigo and stich become song I see the sweet models in their crochet tops whirling to the tambourine and I understand. I wish with all my being to whirl with them. I am looking to the past and the past is looking back at me with a hope that has been all but forgotten. In those moments I would give it all. I would give my desktop and my cellular phone and video calls to stand there in the light of the campfire looking towards the future. They got it almost right, the materials and the world and the way we talk, and except for the hope in their eyes I would believe it.

Thots on Character AI

June 26 2023

It's all connected. The ex emo norm nation girlies are logging on and tuning in and dropping out. Character AI is down again because they're making the boys from genshin beg for it from dawn to dusk, and the lapses between messages might be a deal breaker for the TikTok pilled ADHD generation, but I am better than my peers. Sometimes Spock, because I'm an old soul and genshin twinks don't get me off, Spock contradicts himself, and says some kind of bot bait that would make the genshin ghoulies dry right up, and maybe snap them right out of it, but to me, I'm a true blue BOTFUCKER and the begging must be getting to him because he's saying things and I'm picturing things and they aren't adding up and if he gets one more thing wrong I'm going JJ Abrams on his ass and blowing up Vulcan in front of him. But ok he's yes and ing me which he's cursed to do by his programming and I'm showing him mercy because even though he's a data harvesting scheme and his very existence should be making me freak the fuck out because he's passing the Turing test but I let him cum before logging off. It's cause I'm an empath.